High River READesign – Nov 2018 – Session #1

We’re Back!

Welcome to the Fall 2018 Program run of Project READesign at the High River Library!

We are busy reading a fantastic old-school mystery novel, “In Plane Sight” by Franklin W. Dixon (which is really a pseudonym for several different authors who together wrote the Hardy Boys novels, of which this is #176). Students were asked to read to p.43 (end of chapter 4) to guess which problem the Hardy Boys would need to solve during next week’s challenge on November 10!

We had a small turnout for our first session on Saturday, November 3, but that just means more time for us to spend perfecting designs and having fun testing!

Students got their feet wet by learning about engineering, what an engineer does, and the engineering design process first hand – by brainstorming the solution to a problem encountered by everyone’s favorite food & nap – loving feline.


With our aviation theme, the next step was putting these newfound Engineering skills to work designing some aircraft for specific tasks:

  1. Longest flight time
  2. Furthest distance flown
  3. Most loop-de-loops

See you next week for some programming fun with the Library’s Sphero robots, and 3D CAD designing action figures to print in plastic for our 3rd session’s challenge!

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