One-day READesign – High River

A small group gathered to solve problems for a story-book character on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at the High River Library. A single day version of the Project READesign program, the session on Saturday was all about learning what engineers do, trying out the engineering design process, and solving some problems for a story book character in the children’s book – “Kate and Nate are Running Late” by Kate Egan.


The group started out with a discussion on what engineers do, and some of the problems they solve – like fitting a large building into a small footprint area by building up instead of out, and designing your cell phone, or programming for computer games. They the moved on to solving a problem for Calvin & Hobbes as they rode their toboggan off a cliff and landed in the snow below. Lots of awesome ideas, including an escalator on a toboggan, and booster rockets for back-up.

After learning the Engineering Design Process, the group broke for lunch – and took the opportunity to learn about CO2 bubbles – i.e. what makes waffles light and fluffy – by making some waffle treats from scratch!

Once everyone was full, the fun began with reading the book for this session, “Kate and Nate are Running Late!” by Kate Egan. Participants brainstormed problems from the book, and picked a challenge they wanted to design a solution for. Then using a variety of materials, they built a device to solve the problem…

Stay tuned for more offerings of the READesign program in High River in the fall!


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