For the month of February, BrainSTEM Calgary partnered with Big Brothers Big Sister Calgary (BBBS) on a frigid (-24°C) Saturday morning for the monthly Big Sisters Little Sisters activity themed: BIG STEM NIGHT.

Our activity highlighted three STEM Careers – Biologist, Food Scientist and Forensic Scientist with each match rotating through all three careers. Our activities were from the STEM Career Adventures from Rozzy Learning company.

Our three enthusiastic volunteers – Bimpe Eigbe, Emily Beatty and Rodas Asres who are all Engineers explained the career paths to the matches and also facilitated the implementation of each career activity.

For the Biologist activity, the Bigs and Littles observed the DNA of a strawberry with the use of tweezers. In the Food Scientist corner, they identified three nameless ingredients by observing the different chemical reactions when mixed with vinegar. Finally, the matches got to act as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson duo in the Forensic Scientist activity to figure out who ate the pizza and ice cream reserved for lunch by collecting and analyzing various pieces of evidence.

The Littles were inspired and excited while performing the experiments and learned that there are no “male only” careers. Here’s what one of the Bigs: Lauren tweeted about the event:

Many Thanks to our BrainSTEM Alliance volunteers (Bimpe, Emily and Rodas) and BBBS Calgary (Alyssa, Brynn, and Sharon) for the opportunity to talk about STEM fields.

Read and Learn more about the event and BBBS on the BBBS Calgary website.

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