On March 13th, participants in BrainSTEM Alliance’s 3D Design and Printing workshop were introduced to 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software TinkerCAD by Autodesk. Participants had less than 1 week to create a 3D design showcasing a female inventor of their choice! The gallery below will showcase the creativity and innovation of these designs.



Designer: Gabrielle James

Female Inventor – Madam CJ Walker

Invention – Hot Combs

This is the hot comb as invented by Madam CJ Walker, the first black woman to become a millionaire on hair products. The hot comb is only one of her pieces that young African Americans use to perm their hair out on a temporary bases. a life changing piece for young black girls. The 3d Design looks like a comb and also looks like the same single hot comb that Madam CJ walker had.


Designer: Katrina Nibourg

Female Inventor – Stephanie Kwolek

Invention – Kevlar

I used the number 5 to represent Kevlar as it is 5 times stronger and 5 times lighter than steel. Cut into the side of the model are the inventor’s name, the date Kevlar was invented (1965) and the molecular structure of Kevlar. Cut into the top are items that represent some of the over 200 applications of Kevlar, including gloves, bullet proof vests, shoes and other clothing, ropes and cables, applications in space, highspeed race cars and other travel, and sports equipment


Designer: Mercy Swaka

Female Inventor – Maria Telkes

Invention – Solar Power systems

My female inventor is Maria Telkes and she worked with Soler energy to make thing like a Soler power heating system. My name is Mercy and I created a building that is energy efficient using the sun to power energy into the building.

The star shapes are rooms for people to go in. The dome at the top is like that so it can capture sun light from every angle for 18 hours a day. It represents her because it shows how we can use Solar power for every day things like she did.


Designer: Kendra Dizon

Female Inventor – Mary Dixon Kies

Invention – Women’s Hats and Bonnets

My 3D model is Mary Dixon Kies’ name. The hats there represent some of the hats that Mary Dixon Kies invented.


Designer: Kristen Dizon

Female Inventor – Maria Telkes

Invention – Solar House

My female inventor is Maria Telkes. Maria Telkes is the one who created the first solar house (with the help of Eleanor Raymond).

The 3D model I created is a model of the solar house that Maria Telkes and Eleanor Raymond created. The two characters in the photo are Maria Telkes (the blue one) and Eleanor Raymonds (the pink one). In the project, Maria Telkes and Eleanor Raymond have just finished their first ever solar house!


Designer: Sujay Golla

Female Inventor – Dr. Fatima Ebrahimi

Invention – Plasma Thruster

The name of my female inventor is Dr. Fatima Ebrahimi and she discovered the plasma thrust for a rocket.The device would apply magnetic fields to cause particles of plasma electrically charged gas also known as the fourth state of matter, to shoot out the back of a rocket and, because of the conservation of momentum, propel the craft forward. Current space-proven plasma thrusters use electric fields to propel the particles.The new concept would accelerate the particles using magnetic reconnection, a process found throughout the universe, including the surface of the sun, in which magnetic field lines converge, suddenly separate, and then join together again, producing lots of energy. Reconnection also occurs inside doughnut-shaped fusion devices known as tokamaks. The new thruster produces movement by ejecting both plasma particles and magnetic bubbles known as plasmoids. The plasmoids add power to the propulsion and no other thruster concept incorporates them. The good thing about this thruster is that it is good to have lighter gases because the smaller the atoms, the faster the rocket would be. We don’t need Xenon for this kind of a thruster.

The name of my spaceship/rocket is Infinity Fusion Rocket because of its durability. One of the main highlights of my rocket is that the energy lasts forever and it has the ability to regenerate electricity continuously. The rocket keeps moving forever, no matter what the conditions are in the space we are travelling in. The height of the rocket is so long that it requires 15 light years to travel from the back of the rocket to the front. This rocket can’t be build with just the energy and materials from Earth but it requires the resources from our entire solar system and energy and a lot more star systems near us. This can be only made by Robots and AI as the rocket is too big from humans to build. We also need quantum computers to manage the data and make sure that everything is going as expected. There is pretty much everything in this rocket. It has cities, parks, gardens, farms etc. It would look as if we are living on Earth but we are actually moving across our galaxy and this is a huge spaceship. There are 500 AI softwares that work together to analyze the environments they are going through and finding more star systems and galaxies. Just the head of the sip is occupied by 35 Billion Scientists with their homes and work places and their job is to find new discoveries in deep space and learning the new concepts of physics. The main core of the ship has the ability to accommodate around 350 trillion humans and can expand based on the requirements of the population. There are around 5 quadrillion quantum computers to help work through the problems faced by the space ship and solve small to major errors in the space ship. There is unlimited opportunities for anything in this space ship and everything is free of cost but you can only buy limited amounts of stuff over a year. This limitation is 10x the products we buy today. Coming to the end of the rocket, it has 350 000 septillion fusion thrusters that work like nuclear fusion and they regenerate and release plasma to push the rocket forward. The energy is created by 900 octillion fusion reactors that are close to the thrusters and this is more than enough to provide energy supplies for the people living in this rocket. I think this highlights the inventor of this fusion thruster because it explains how powerful this invention can be in the future. That is why I call this, the Infinity Fusion Rocket!


Designer: Emilie Wheeler

Female Inventor – Ada Lovelace

Invention – Computer Algorithm

Ada Lovelace wrote the world’s first computer algorithm. She was translating notes for Professor Charles Babbage, and added in her own notes to complete this first algorithm! The algorithm was designed to compute the Bernoulli numbers.

The design elements I’ve included are the first few lines of the algorithm Ada Lovelace wrote, as well as the “Bn” designation of the n-th Bernoulli number, which was the end goal of the algorithm. I also added Lady Lovelace’s name on the front cover, where it belongs! And added a hinge so hopefully it will actually open like a book.


Designer: Arleen Walia

Female Inventor – Grace Hopper

Invention – COBOL programming software

The female inventor I chose was Grace Murray Hopper. She created the first computer programming software called “COBOL” and inspired me.

My design represents the female inventor I chose because my female inventor made a computer programming software called Cobol so I decided to create a laptop with the software name on the screen, so it represents the software she made. The hole of the socket and seated belt in the screenshot of the model/design is there so I can put in the socket and seated belt piece into it if my model/design is printed.


Designer: Faith L

Female Inventor – Donna Strickland

Invention – Chirped Pulse Amplification

I modeled my 3D design off of the practical applications that this invention has. There are many things that have been made possible, or easier, because of this invention. An example of which is laser eye surgery. I represent this using a pair of glasses in the top right corner, leaning on a book. On the cover of the book it mentions how Donna Strickland won the Nobel Physics prize in 2018, only the third woman to have done so. It has also been used as a tool in making pieces for electronic devices like phones. In the bottom right corner I created a 3D model of a phone to show this. In the upper right corner I use flower designs with sharper edges as a decoration and to symbolize the lasers.


Designer: Rupal Lunagaria

Female Inventor – N/A

Invention – N/A

First time making a design in TinkerCAD – thank you for submitting Rupal!


Designer: Mahek Lunagaria

Female Inventor – N/A

Invention – N/A

First time making a design in TinkerCAD – thank you for submitting Mahek!


Designer: Hannah Alli

Female Inventors – Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan

Invention – Friendship 7 Spacecraft

My inventors are Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan. They were all black women
who worked on the friendship 7 spacecraft the first American orbital spaceflight.

I designed a rocketship because these women worked on the first space shuttle which allowed an American to orbit the earth. These women showed me that I could be strong, intelligent, and feminine all at once. The fact that they were women of colour reflects the resilience they had to overcome many barriers. This is why these great women inspired my design. Yet their contribution to the friendship 7 mission is not well known. So I designed a rocketship that emphasizes the important role that women had on the first American orbit of the earth. I created my rocket to look like a lipstick because red lipstick was a powerful symbol driving the suffragettes’ movement. It was a movement that fought for votes of middle-class and property-owning women. So to me, lipstick represents feminine strength which is something these women definitely had. I also included the feminism symbol, because feminism is all about empowering women and giving them equal opportunities. So I included the symbol since these strong women pioneered a way for young girls like me to have a place in the STEM field.


Designer: Miranda Morrison

Female Inventor – Maria Telkes 

Invention – Solar Energy Technologies

  • The Solar Powered Robot Sharpener
  • A robot powered by solar energy used to help you with simple tasks such as sharpening a pencil. My design represents my inventor of choice due to solar energy.
  • My design spotlights Maria Telkes work on solar energy technologies and her solar heating inventions.


Designer: Shaan Johnson

Inventor – John B. Curtis

Invention – Gum

I created a piece of gum out of code.


Designer: Nusaiba Rakhshan

Female Inventor – Ada Lovelace

Invention – Computer Programming

Ada Lovelace, who worked on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. She is often considered one of the very first computer programmers.

My design includes a circuit pattern to allude to computer science, and a silhouette of Ada Lovelace as well as her name, to represent the inventor herself. 


Designer: Sage S. C. Plakaris-Knight

Female Inventor – Agnes Marshall

Invention – Improvements to the Ice Cream Maker

My design features are:

– The table heats up if you plug it into a wall, like a kotatsu.

– 2 adjustable bars for leg comfort.

– A press-open compartment so that your computer can become ‘Paart oof yoouur deesk’, as Ariel would say.

– Except for the blue square in the centre, the desk is layered with a soft material for comfort.

– In-desk shelves for more leg room.

These features improve the regular desk, which will help people to be more productive and be more comfortable and happier to work. This is especially important in the winter when you want to just do your work in bed but that’s bad for your neck. I would want this in real life, but a 3D model of it would be really adorable.

My design represents my inventor because Agnes Marshall did not invent the ice cream maker, but she improved it in 1885, and many people enjoyed the ice cream her business made. I did something similar by taking something already invented and making it more convenient and more comfortable. That would mean that, similarly to Agnes Marshall, I have invented something that people would look forward to using because it is an improvement to the original desk which was invented by Anna Breadin in the same decade as Agnes Marshall invented her ice cream maker.


Designer: Chithra Udayashankar

Female Inventor – Margaret Eloise Knight

Invention – Flat bottom Paper bags

My bags have flat but not the regular rectangular bottom. They are new designs with different  and interesting geometrical shapes.


Designer: Kristen Dizon

Female Inventor – Maria Van Brittan Brown

Invention – Security Camera

African American inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown contributed to a safer society with her invention of the first home security system. Her invention was the first closed-circuit television security system and paved the way for modern home security systems used today. Brown was born in 1922 in Jamaica, Queens, New York. She started off her career working as a nurse. Her husband, Albert Brown, was an electronics technician. As a nurse, Brown worked long hours and would return home late at night. Her husband, too, had irregular hours so she was often alone at night. Fearful of being vulnerable in a high crime neighborhood, Brown decided to figure out a way to see who was at her door if she heard knocking. In 1966, Brown, along with the assistance of her husband, invented a security system which consisted of four peepholes, a sliding camera, television monitors, and two-way microphones. These items created a closed-circuit television system for surveillance also known as CCTV. With multiple peepholes, the sliding camera was able to capture images of people who were different heights. The two-way microphones allowed Brown to communicate with the person outside. She also had a remote that would allow her to unlock the door at a safer distance. Lastly, she could press an emergency button that would send an alarm to police or security.


Designer: Kendra Dizon

Female Inventor – Dr. Shirley Jackson

Invention – Caller ID

I created a telephone with Dr. Shirley Jackson name on it to represent the caller ID. I put Dr. Shirley Jackson next to the telephone. Dr. Jackson has had an influential, decorated career that has helped pave the way for many of the technologies we use in the telecommunications world today. Dr. Jackson is the reason why we can identify who we are talking to on the phone!


Designer: Alexis Bentley

Female Inventor – N/A

Invention – N/A

I created a toy cake for kids!

(Lexie completed a TinkerCAD lesson to create this cake!)

Thank you to all our participants!