Rebecca Chin is a Bioresource Engineer with a Bachelor and Masters Degree from McGill University. Her research was centered on ‘innovative learning approaches to technology transfer using multimedia technologies in developing countries’ which was a part of the McGill-AfricaRice project.

Rebecca previously worked as an Engineering technician with the City of Pointe-Claire evaluating the energy efficiency of municipal buildings, as well as an intern with Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (REAP) in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue & Wack Ngouna, Senegal, raising awareness about energy-efficient cooking methods.

Throughout her career she has coordinated multiple community outreach initiatives and was the Co-founder and Co-President of EcoEd, an environmental education program at McGIll University.

Rebecca currently works as a Technical Instructor with John Deere in Grimsby, Ontatio and leads our EnviroSTEM initiative.

For more info on Rebecca see her LinkedIn page here.

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