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READesign High River – March 2018 – Session 4

Our fourth and final session for Project READesign High River was held on March 24 at the High River Library in the W.O. Mitchell room.

Participants designed devices to rescue Jack and Annie, characters from “Vacation Under the Volcano” by Mary Pope Osbourne, from a ‘creek bed full of volcanic ash and pumice sand’ without touching the characters with their hands. In the book, the characters are rescued by a huge gladiator – Hercules – who is featured in the scroll that Jack and Annie are sent back to rescue from Pompeii in ancient roman times.


Project READesign High River – March 2018 – Day 2 & 3

Program Day 2 on March 10 saw students learn 3D design using TinkerCAD to create egg-head protection devices for Jack and Annie, characters in the Magic Treehouse series “Vacation Under the Volcano” novel by Mary Pope Osbourne.

Jack and Annie use pillows to protect their heads from falling volcanic rocks and ash, and the students were excited to design their own protective devices for testing with egg ‘heads’ and marble ‘rocks’.


Project READesign High River – March 2018 – Day 1


Saturday, March 3 was Day 1 for the 5th session of Project READesign at the High River Library!

Students learned about Engineering and the Engineering Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Build, Improve); they then put their new Engineering skills to work to design, build, and test marshmallow and toothpick ‘earthquake proof’ structures on a Jell-O earthquake zone!


Community Code Day – Fort McMurray’s first community Hackathon!

We are super excited to be partnering with Youth Computing and Keyano College Regional Innovation Network to host the first ever community Hackathon in May!

Check out for more information on how to register!


High River READesign – March 2018

BrainSTEM Alliance is excited to once again partner with the High River Library to bring Project READesign to High River!


APEGA Magazine Cover Story!

The APEGA Foundation has been supporting our programming for the past few years. Shortly after the 2016 Wood Buffalo fires, we implemented a new program called READesign.

Thanks to the support of APEGA, the Canadian Red Cross and other key contributors, this program has been a huge success so far, being implemented across rural communities of Wood Buffalo as well as for those in High River affected by the flooding a few years ago. The program is even beginning to expand outside of Alberta!

The success of this program has been beautifully highlighted in the Winter 2017 edition of the APEGA Magazine as their cover story ‘Plot Devices’. Read the full magazine here:


2017 WBRL READesign Challenge – Anzac

In November 2017, we headed out with the WBRL to the Anzac Community School to do our final READesign Challenge of 2017! We had a younger group of kids aged 5-7, but they still had a blast, reading books and coming up with fun engineering solutions using electrical kits, wheels and tons of crafts!