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2017 WBRL READesign Challenge – Fort McKay

On July 25th, we partnered with the WBRL again to host the READesign Challenge in Fort McKay! We had a total of 16 students, 6 boys and 10 girls, participate in the session. They worked in teams to read a book and solve the problem using engineering design. They had to choose their materials from the ‘store’ and keep within a specified budget as they designed their engineering solutions.



BrainSTEM Alliance was featured on IMPACT Radio this past week! Our founder, D’Andre Wilson-Ihejirika was featured as one of the 100 Faces of United Way. She spoke on 91.1 The Bridge Radio about some of the programming we have done and the exciting initiatives on the way!

Take a listen here:


2017 WBRL READesign Challenge – Fort McMurray

On April 23rd, 2017, the first READesign Challenge was hosted at the WBRL in Fort McMurray. A total of eight students aged 8-10 stepped up to the challenge! Each pair had to search the library shelves for a book. Within the 2 hours they read the book, decided on a problem in the book and the criteria for their solution. Then they had to go shopping for supplies to build their solution! Each team got a total of 100 credits to work with.


2016 Operation SMART Program

The 2016 Operation SMART program took place from September 10th to November 5th and hosted 23 girls aged 9-14. These girls ranged from grades 4 to 9 with an average age of 11 years old. Each week of the program the girls were introduced to a different engineering discipline, exploring engineering design concepts and hands-on learning activities.


YMCA Fun Fridays

In 2015, partnered with the YMCA of Wood Buffalo to coordinate some STEAM activities as a part of their Fun Fridays. On the school-off Fridays we coordinated science sessions for children and youth.


2015 Operation SMART Program

The 2015 Operation SMART program was the first year of the program that was hosted at the Walter and Gladys Hill school. This year also held an expanded program with additional engineering disciplines added to the curriculum thanks to additional sponsors. The program ran from September 12th to November 7th with a new engineering discipline being introduced each week.


JSYF Engineering Career Night

In 2015, we coordinated a group of engineers to speak to youth at the Justin Slade Youth Foundation about career opportunities in Engineering. Students got to hear about education paths to become an engineer and the different career options within the field. The students also did a hands-on engineering design activity to get a better idea of the engineering design process used to solve problems.