Press for Girls Inc. Operation S.M.A.R.T

The Girls Inc. program implemented by BrainSTEM founder, D’Andre Wilson, has been gaining a lot of press in the Wood Buffalo area!

snap article

In the fall of 2012, BrainSTEM Alliance worked with Girls Inc of Nothern Alberta to organize and coordinate their Operation S.M.A.R.T. Program.

Our founder, D”Andre Wilson, designed a 8-week Engineering Saturdays program that introduced girls aged 11-14 to basic engineering concepts in the areas of; Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Aeronatical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

The young girls had a great time in the program and many exclaimed that they wanted to become engineers when they grow up.

Many thanks goes out to the female engineers from the Suncor EIT program, that dedicated their time to inspire these young girls!

Here are some places you can find us in the press:
Snap Wood Buffalo Newspaper
Fort McMurray Today
Fort McMurray Connect
Suncor Energy Inc. ‘The Core’ LAN Page

Read more about D’Andre impacting young women through her business Ziri Bags & Accessories.

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