APEGA Foundation supports our programs!

The Operation S.M.A.R.T (Science, Math, and Relevant Technology) program is one of our flagship programs developed for our client Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta.

We have run this program since 2012 and each year we have managed to improve this program for our client, by continually enhancing the curriculum.  For the 2015 program, APEGA (the Association for Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Alberta) took notice and supported this program to help us increasing the class size to over 30 girls and adding exposure to new engineering disciplines like industrial engineering and computer science. The APEGA Foundation featured this program in their Winter 2015 edition of the PEG, their quarterly magazine. Excerpts of the article on the SMART program can be found below and the full magazine can be read here.

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This contribution from the APEGA Foundation has made a huge impact on the girls of Girls Inc. and the partnership that BrainSTEM Alliance has with APEGA is strengthened. APEGA engineers, EITs and student members are a strong volunteer resource for all BrainSTEM Alliance programs and we appreciate their continued support.

Thank you!

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