WBRL Homeschoolers Program

The Homeschoolers program with the WBRL (formerly Fort McMurray Public Library), was designed to give homeschooled children access to additional educational resources and activities they may not get when schooling at home, as well as allow homeschool children to be a part of a community.

BrainSTEM Alliance worked with the WBRL to develop science activities for children and youth in 2014 and 2015.

Physics Lesson

In Fall 2014, we coordinated a physics lesson teaching potential and kinetic energy using rollercoasters.

For full lesson plan see here:


Chemistry Lesson

In Spring 2015, we coordinated a chemistry lesson on acids and bases, where students tested pH, did acid base reactions and made marshmallow molecular structures. We then did a follow up session in Fall 2015 on soap science, discussing hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds.

See full lesson plans below:



These homeschooled kids will be SETT up for Success!!


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