2017 WBRL READesign Challenge – Fort McMurray

On April 23rd, 2017, the first READesign Challenge was hosted at the WBRL in Fort McMurray. A total of eight students aged 8-10 stepped up to the challenge! Each pair had to search the library shelves for a book. Within the 2 hours they read the book, decided on a problem in the book and the criteria for their solution. Then they had to go shopping for supplies to build their solution! Each team got a total of 100 credits to work with.

TEAM: The Sea Chest

Bem and Hannah read The Sea Chest. The problem in the story the chose to focus on was the fact that she was stuck on the island. They came up with the solution to build an electric boat so that she could leave the island and find other kids to play with.

Criteria: Waterproof, Must float with weight inside, must paddle

Materials: Plastic bottle, foil, glue, electric motor, alligator clips, batteries, wooden dowels

TEAM: Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek

Isabel and Elsa read the book Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek. They chose to focus on the problem of Abe trying to use a log to cross the creek. The solution was to build a bridge.

Criteria: Must be long enough to cross the ‘creek’, must hold weight, must be easy to walk on

Materials: Balsa wood, plastic cups, tape, glue, paper plates, popsicle sticks

TEAM: Could an Asteroid Hit the Earth?

Dhruv and Mahek chose to read a non-fiction book, Could an Asteroid Hit the Earth? They decided to build a concept for a robot that could fly into space and prevent the asteroid from hitting the earth.

Criteria: Strong, reflect radiation from the sun and asteroid

Materials: Cardboard, foil, paper plates, plastic cups

TEAM: Brontorina

Zainab and Summer chose to read Brontorina. They focused on the problem of the dinosaur’s feet being too big for ballet shoes. The solution was to build bigger ballet shoes.

Criteria: Big, stay on feet, beautiful

Materials: Plastic bottles, plastic cups, colored paper, string, tape


Due to lack of team, we did not finish the judging but all teams did a great job of meeting their set criteria and solving problems for the characters in the books!

Join us next time with the WBRL in Fort MacKay!

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