GirlSTEM Saturdays at Cape Breton University

The 2018 first annual GirlSTEM Saturdays program with Cape Breton University was a resounding success! The partnership with CBU, led by BrainSTEM Ambassador Loree D’Orsay, allowed for the girls to be exposed to science equipment and tools that they may not have had exposure to before they attended university themselves! The program ran from October 13th to November 3rd and target girls aged 11-15. Take a look at some of the cool activities they did over 4 weeks!

Week 1 – Civil and Mechanical Engineering

The first session of GirlSTEM Saturdays, which focused on mechanical and civil engineering, allowed the girls to build stable structures from materials like newspaper, spaghetti and popscicle sticks. They also designed their own rollercoasters!

Week 2 – Chemical and Materials Engineering

In Week 2 for GirlSTEM Saturdays, we explored chemistry and material engineering. The girls made bath bombs, learned about the chemistry behind fireworks, built molecular models, and got to see how an electron microscope works.

Week 3 – Computer and Process Controls

In Week 3 of GirlSTEM Saturdays, the girls learned about Computer Programming and Chemical Engineering. The girls wrote computer code using C++, leaned about heat transfer, and played around with a process simulator.

Week 4 – Electrical and Environmental Engineering

In the last day of GirlSTEM Saturdays, the girls learned about Electrical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The girls created electrical circuits, built a model wind turbine, and designed a Dance Dance Revolution game.

We are so excited to continue this program with CBU in fall 2019. See you there!!

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