STEAM Tea Party – Fall 2019

On November 3rd, 2019 we hosted our second STEAM TEA Party at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre. This time we had the theme ‘Fall into Winter’ and had a bunch of fun fall and winter themed food science activities as well a fun photobooth and face-painting area!

We had over 30 attendees to this event, with little kiddos having just as much fun as the adults! We had special color changing tea, that started blue but changed to purple in low pH and changed to green in high pH!

We also had pumpkin play-dough making and some 3D printed cookie cutters! There was a DIY tea party hat craft station with fun STEM stickers and chromatography snowflakes!

We also did a sugar cube igloo building activity and made some molecules using marshmallows and toothpicks! We ended off the event with an exploding pumpkin activity!!

Stay tuned for next year’s STEAM Tea Party!!

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