2020 Island WISE Virtual Summer Camp

The annual summer camp in collaboration with Island WISE at Cape Breton University went virtual this year. This free camp is held annually and targets girls aged 9-11 to promote STEAM. The camp took place over three days and hosted 13 girls virtually with 8 volunteers over the 3 days.

Each day had a theme: Space, What’s in Your Back Yard (Day focusing on Nature), and EDI (Science for Everyone!) with a guest speaker related to the theme (Anne Weiss and a female astronaut and female rocket scientist from NASA, Alison Walker from Acadia University, and Tamara Franz –Odendaal from Mount St Vincent University). Each day, campers got to work on an individual project or experiment, and they presented their work on the last day. Former campers came back as junior camp counsellors to help in the facilitation of the camp.

Some activities included marshmallow molecules, kahoot games and a board game created by one of the volunteers that would teach the girls about STEAM.

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