2020 Virtual READesign – Peg+Cat The Penguin Problem

For the first time ever we did a Virtual READesign session on September 20th, 2020. We had 55 participants from 3 different libraries, the Wood Buffalo Regional Library, the Kitchener Public Library and the High River Library. The students read Peg+Cat: The Penguin Problem, a story about Peg and Cat at the south pole for an animal olympics and helped the penguins stay on course for their race.

Each participant was delivered a kit with materials prior to the event. We read the book live in the session and had an activity where the participants could make ‘snow’ from baking soda and shaving cream. Then we had the students learn penguin facts and each participant had their own penguin figurine in their kits. Then the engineering began where students had to come up with solutions to build a better obstacle course and keep their penguins on track, protect a snowman and build a bridge from their styrofoam icebergs back to the main land.

The participants all had a wonderful time in the session. On the poll, 91% of respondents said they had fun and 86% said they learned something new! This was a wonderful success for our first virtual READesign, and we look forward to doing more virtual sessions in the future!

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