Financial Literacy for Kids

On Saturday November 21st in collaboration with FEM (Female Earning More) we hosted a financial literacy workshop as a part of our STEMtrepreneur initiative. We had over 60 registered attendees for the event and they learned the basics of budgeting, saving, investing, payments and revenue streams! Some of the participants even had their own business ideas!

BrainSTEM Alliance partnered with FEM (Female Earning More) to host a virtual financial literacy workshop for girls aged 10-13. This was a foundational workshop under the STEMtrepreneur initiative. About 63 participants registered and 26 attended. During the workshop, participants learnt the basics of financial literacy, set savings goals and learnt about different investment options. At the end, they left equipped with tools to make smart decisions with money as they start their first jobs or entrepreneurial pursuits.

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