Project READesign High River – March 2018 – Day 1


Saturday, March 3 was Day 1 for the 5th session of Project READesign at the High River Library!

Students learned about Engineering and the Engineering Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Build, Improve); they then put their new Engineering skills to work to design, build, and test marshmallow and toothpick ‘earthquake proof’ structures on a Jell-O earthquake zone!


After watching videos on ancient ‘earthquake proof’ buildings in Japan, and modern building design techniques for building ‘earthquake resistant’ building, students re-designed and tested their structures again, with a focus on lowering the center of mass, connecting the building to the ground, and making a wider base.



Students were given copies of Mary Pope Osbourne’s book “Vacation under the Volcano” to read and identify problems the story book characters Jack and Annie encounter that will lead to engineering design challenges for the remaining 3 program days.

On Day 2, Saturday March 10, we will be using free online software TinkerCAD for 3D design in our solution work (as well as hands-on materials) – students are asked to bring an e-mail address to use to create a TinkerCAD account, and if they have a laptop and mouse available to bring them also. The Library does have laptops available for use if required.

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